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Founded by drummer Ryan T. Griffis (Dayton) and guitarist Eric Moss (Cleveland) while attending college at Miami University in 2017. The duo of Moss and Griffis collaborated through a series of jam sessions which led to the creation of Ghost Train.

Ghost Train started out playing music in an apartment which they called, The Cave. “The Cave was a sacred place and holds a very sentimental value in the manifestation of Ghost Train. We wrote seven songs, recorded them all using our own equipment, mixed the levels accordingly, and produced the songs to the best of our abilities at the time, all in a matter of 10 weeks while going to college full-time. I’ve never heard of any other band or artist in the history of Rock n Roll to ever do that” says Ryan T. Griffis. Upon graduation, they decided to go into the studio and record their original music in pursuit of following their dreams.

They recorded their debut album in two sessions. The first recording session was for singles “Manifest Destiny,” “Out of the Woods,” and “Millennial Bop.” The second recording session was for album fillers “Somebody Like Me,” “Booze in My Blood,” “The Cave,” and “In a Land That We Call Home.” On September 7th, 2018, they released their self titled debut album.

Ghost Train launched their “Ride The Train” Tour in January 2019 and will continue it all throughout 2020 to help promote their debut album as well as the possibility of future songs. “There are currently no signs of slowing down right now. We are on track to record another record and it’s going to be even better than the first one” says Eric Moss.


Ryan T. Griffis (Dayton, OH) - Drums, Vocals

Eric Moss (Cleveland, OH) - Guitar, Vocals

Sean Stone (Columbus, OH) - Bass

Andrew Stuve (Cincinnati, OH) - Keys, Vocals



Ride The Train Tour

January 5 - Blue Note (GCBC - Round 1) / Harrison, Ohio

January 26 - Thompson House (Frozen Fest) / Newport, Kentucky

February 2 - Blue Note (GCBC - Round 2) / Harrison, Ohio

March 23 - Blue Note (GCBC - Semi Finals) / Harrison, Ohio

April 6 - Shadows Bar (Breakfast Liquor Fest) / Parma Heights, Ohio

April 12 - Hank’s Pub (The Road) / Dayton, Ohio

April 26 - Harry Buffalo / Westerville, Ohio

May 4 - Miami University (House Party) / Oxford, Ohio

June 15 - Mad Frog / Cincinnati, Ohio

June 18 - Sawyer Point (Local Music Showcase) / Cincinnati, Ohio

June 22 - Club Panama / Springfield, Ohio

July 3 - J.D. Legends (Get the Gig Band Edition) / Franklin, Ohio

July 27 - Top Cats (Last Band Standing) / Cincinnati, Ohio

August 14 - J.D. Legends (Get the Gig Band Edition - Semi Finals) / Franklin, Ohio

September 20 - Wild Goose Creative (Best of the Underground) / Columbus, Ohio

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